Scrub & Lip Mask Travel Kit

Treat your lips to a spa-like experience with this rejuvenating Lip Scrub/Lip Mask Travel Set. Use the Lip Scrub regularly to gently exfoliate the delicate skin on your lips while nourishing with the intense hydration properties of avocado oil and vitamin E, then follow up with the nourishing Lip Mask infused with jojoba oil. The result is smoother, softer lips that are ready to seal each day with a kiss.

LIP Mask

  • Soothe dry, chapped lips with the waxy properties of jojoba oil, which helps coat lips and lock in moisture
  • Reawaken your tired pout from the stresses of the day with the reviving properties of vitamin E
  • Give your lips an ultra-hydrating boost with moisturizing cocoa butter
  • LIQUE Lip Mask are tinted to help lips shine with a lovely hint of color


  • The fine texture of natural sugars gently buffs away dry skin, leaving lips smooth and ready for flawless color application
  • Nourish and soften lips with the intense hydration effects of avocado oil and vitamin E
  • Reawaken your tired pout with the reviving properties of jojoba oil
  • Perfect for prepping your lips for smooth color application